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Type Check Your Python Code

13 minute read

I was recently surprised to discover that a module called typing had been added to Python 3, providing the fundamental building blocks for constructing types...

Getting Started with Common Lisp

3 minute read

Here you can find short notes about setting up a fresh Common Lisp environment and how to create your first project.

JSON and Monads in Haskell

8 minute read

The problem is simple, but it took me some hours to figure it out. I had a JSON file composed of a single dictionary where the values were lists of numbers, ...

Pregnancy and Women Rights

5 minute read

Husband: Darling, I think you should tell your employer that you are pregnant. You should discuss with him some good arrangements for you both.

My First Stupid Mobile App

5 minute read

Everybody seems to have developed a mobile app at least once in his life, so I always thought that mine was just a matter of time. Last week I finally decide...

Apache Spark with Docker - very quick start

9 minute read

Would you like to quickly start testing some code using Spark? Perhaps this post can help you to achieve this task with the smallest effort to install all th...

Classifying texts with Naive Bayes

13 minute read

Some weeks ago, a colleague came to ask me an idea to help him classify building constructions by their description. He have found that usually some keywords...

Reading text from images

13 minute read

In this post, I’ll try to give some basic understanding about the difference between a raw text and a text represented by an image, then give an overview of ...