My Clojure programming environment

1 minute read

Until the last week, Slimv was my main tool to code in Clojure using Vim. Although Slimv is still a very nice plugin, it seems not a good idea to keep using a swank server to run a REPL. Fireplace and nREPL are the recommended tools to work with Clojure and Vim, but to have similar features of Slimv, I needed to add another tools and plugins. These below are what I found:


Recently I needed to use Common Lisp for a task and I found that Slimv works almost perfectly! So, I just removed the paredit and rainbow plugins, since Slimv has them as built-in features, and kept Slimv working with Fireplace and redl.

Additional plugins:

  • cljfold, for automatic code folding.